The section is about a project that I am honoured to be  involved with, from a pictorial aspect with University of Pennsylvania.

After looking through my images on my FLIKR page,  I was approached by a member of staff from from department of Russian and East European Studies.  Who kindly asked me if they could use some of my  photos from my trip across Central Asia in 2012. The University has on-line web pages, and  under the rubrique of “Spotlights” they wanted to “Spotlight” pages on interesting locations or a sights in Eastern Europe and Eurasia.  It is purely to show our site visitors that there are lots of beautiful and interesting places to explore in that part of the world, and these can be seen through the Department University web site.

This has grown now and there are quite a few “spotlights” to view, so I have decided to give this project a dedicated menu.

This will also help as a quick view and click index. Click on the titles and it will take you straight to the pages.

Thank you


University of Pennsylvania Spotlight-Ships Graveyard, Moynaq, Uzbekistan


University of Pennsylvania Spotlight-Najmeddin Kubra Mausoleum, Uzbekistan


University of Pennsylvania Spotlight-The Seven Bulls of Jeti-Oguz


University of Pennsylvania Spotlight-Independence Monument, Tashkent


University of Pennsylvania Spotlight-Kyrgyz National Philharmonic


University of Pennsylvania Spotlight-Tilla-Kori Madrassah, Uzbekistan


University of Pennsylvania Spotlight- Yzmykşir Fort, Turkmenistan


University of Pennsylvania Spotlight- Nokhur Cemeter , Turkmenistan