Cameras with their lenses

I am quite often asked which lens I have with which camera I own. As I now have the two mirrorless cameras, the Canon Eos M and the Canon Eos M5, which I continue to pair them with my  larger Efs and native Efm lenses.

These are quite small and light cameras, and I still have my set of lenses from my DSLR the Canon 70D. These are an EFS fit and can be mounted onto the Eos M mount with an adaptor (which is smaller than a DSLR mount). They are also larger and heavier than their Efm counterparts.

The Efm lenses are also in some ways shorter on focal length and not as fast f stop as their Efs equivalent. As my funds do not allow at this current time and as I am perfectly happy with the IQ of the images I can get with the Efs  lenses, I am not going to change them anytime soon.

One of the other bonuses that I had not fully realised in making my choice in going to a mirrorless APSC camera, was that with the aid of various adaptors you have can fit probably any make of lens you want to that is compatible with the the APSC size sensor.  In other words you are not just limited to Canon and the other well known 3rd party lens companies. Enter companies like Meiki, 7 Artisans, Samyang etc.

Sigma has also opened up the Contemporary range of  Efm mount choices by releasing a set of 3 lens with faster apertures for M series of cameras. For the time being they will have to wait!

My  Personal current stable of lenses are as follows :

Canon Efs 18-135mm stm = 480g

Canon Efs 55-250mm stm = 390g

Canon Efm 15-45mm stm = 130 g

Canon Efm 18-55mm stm = 200 g

Sigma 8-16mm DC HSM  rectilinear Ultra wide lens = 570g

Meiki 25mm 1.8 = 190g

The elephant in the room is quite clearly the Sigma and to be honest it should be. I will post my thoughts with each pairing separately. Needless to say that quality, sharp lenses do sadly require heavy weight glass within their housing. There are some things that cannot be changed and that is one of them.

So Please watch and wait for my personal reviews of each lens with each camera over the coming days/weeks. I hope ou find them helpful and remember, they are written from a real user point of view.