2 comments on “Peaceful Moments #Churches

  1. Great. You should travel to Finland and thus find most modest, but incredible beautiful churches. We have two kind of churches – wooden and stone. Most beautiful are wooden old churches and they are on countryside. Our churches offer unique things like Votive ships and Poor-man statues. Some of our churches’ walls are covered by Bible stories.

    I just published the sixth mediaeval church from my series of seven.

    Happy and safe travels.

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    • Thank you matti,
      and thank you for the info, I would love to come and visit Finland and see them!So far I have only visited Sweden from the Nordic countries. I have Norway and Finland on my bucket list.

      I am so pleased you enjoyed this video too. The churches featured in it come from India, Iran, England, Denmark,Thailand and Kyrgyzstan So a wide selection.

      Please look out for my new video very soon, on Wats in Thailand.


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